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We made prices clear. Tour Guide Systems for hire £3.50 per device for 1st day then £2.00 per day. Delivery is £20.00 or free collection in our office in City of London.

It is very common when you found a website offers Tour Guide Systems for hire in London or in the UK, but you can’t find prices. We think it is a bit unfair for you as you need to find all information, included how much is it.

To be clear, our tour guide systems are located in London at 63 St. Mary Axe, EC3A 8AA. We are happy if you come and collect or drop off items as well as to post it to you using Royal Mail of any other post you prefer.

Tour Guide Systems include transmitters and receivers. You need at least one transmitter and as many receivers as your group. The transmitter is to talk to and receivers are to listen. The prices the same for transmitters and for the receivers.

We charge £3.50 per device for the first day and then for any subsequent day £2.00. Plus we charge for delivery by Royal Mail, and it depends on how many do you need. For example if you need 20 receivers and 1 transmitter, then delivery one way is £20.00.

We do not charge you for collection and for the day you send items to us. For example, you need items on Tuesday and only for one day. Then we can send items to you on Saturday. You will receive them on Monday, then you will use them on Tuesday and then send them to us back on Wednesday and you only will pay for one day which is Tuesday.

If you want you can come to our office to collect or drop off, then you do not need to pay for delivery. We are open 24/7 even in Christmas day.

About Tour Guide Systems. They are the best and the most reliable on market at the moment. Okayo.

That is the actual picture how they look like.

We check all of them before. They are not in the metal box and that make them easy to transport, and they are not too heavy. The box is for 30 items.

Tour Guide Systems are battery operated. That is much better as it is so reliable and for full charge you can use them for a week at least. We will give you spare batteries.

Tour Guide Systems are so easy to operate. The volume is so good and listeners can adjust it.